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How To Maintain Your Beard For Wintertime

Beards require care, especially during the winter because the freezing cold temperatures will endanger its appearance. If you want to prevent the cold weather from affecting the look of your beard, you must follow these maintenance tips:

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Do Not Use A Lot Of Shampoo

It’s important to keep your beard clean but use less shampoo during the colder months. Shampoo your beard no more than twice a week; otherwise, it will strip away the moisture that your beard desperately needs to stay in shape despite the dry winter air. If you need to remove any build-up, stick to water, and simply rinse your beard and face.

Stay Away From Hot Water

While a hot shower is very tempting when it’s cold outside, you need to forgo hot water because this, too, can strip your hair and skin of its natural oils and result in brittle hair. Try to take cool showers instead, as this will help seal your cuticles and will help keep your beard moisturized.

Dry Your Beard With The Right Technique

Do not rub your beard dry with a towel, and pat it instead. This will help prevent split ends, follicle damage and irritation because beards trap water, and spreading that extra moisture around your face will leave you with the same effects as a hot shower.

Brush And Comb Your Beard

This will not only help you maintain your beard, it will also help keep it in good form. Brushing will distribute your beard oil evenly, which will protect it from the dry winter air. Additionally, brushing and combing will promote healthy beard growth while stimulating circulation.

Make Sure You Moisturize

This is a very important step and should be a part of your winter maintenance routine. Beard oil, beard balm and conditioner are all products you should use during the colder months to help your beard remain sharp and healthy.

Do Not Pluck Your Beard

Most men touch their beards multiple times a day and this is common because it is oddly satisfying. You can touch your beard all you want but do not pick at it because that can cause patches, infections and even ingrown hairs, which could lead to you having to shave off your entire beard. Stroking will prevent this from happening.

Cover Your Beard

Always use a scarf to protect and cover your beard if you’re outside in the freezing cold. Make sure you wipe off any rain, snow or ice because these elements will cause your beard to dry out. Ice, in particular, will leave your hair brittle and will cause it to be more prone to breakage, so make sure you cover it whenever you’re outside.

If you’re looking for a reputable hair salon or barber, Hollywood Hairdressers can help. We will make sure your hair is healthy throughout every season, so if you are in Saskatoon, give us a call today!