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Why choose our barbershop?

Hollywood Barbershop is a place that transcends trends and celebrates individuals’ beauty. At Hollywood barbershop, you will appreciate it’s elegant yet, easy atmosphere and uniquely personal service. Hollywood Barbershop has worked to create a welcoming ambiance with a professional atmosphere created for men. Striving to emphasize personal and uncompromising services. Hollywood Barbershop aims to provide top-of-the-line grooming services for men. In addition to extraordinary services, Hollywood Barbershop clients will also enjoy our complimentary beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, or tea while simply revealing in the brief break from a workplace. In today’s busy world, quality, convenience, and value are what people look for. Hollywood Barbershop offers these and much more.

What Clients Say

Hollywood Barbershop
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00:56 27 Mar 23
Have been to quite a few barber shops in saskatoon..i am sorry to say that most of them are focused only how quick they can be...Hollywood barber shop was different. Very friendly service starting from the lady at the front to the barber himself named Abood. He is well trained and understood me very well. I am definitely going back next month.
Matthew WashingtonMatthew Washington
19:12 19 Feb 23
Amazing Haircut! 10/10 would recommend it. Ali did an amazing job while making great conversation. Very personable guy and you can tell he loves what he does. I will definitely be returning.
Dareon LelondDareon Lelond
19:57 16 Feb 23
I always want to start with the positives: they are very accommodating, great at fades, kind, the environment is nice, and they give great styling advice when asked. Also they gave me free services that normally you pay for like razor shave and color toning.However, this is the third time I've asked for a longer haircut and they've cut me drastically shorter then requested. I would only recommend this place if your looking for short hair cuts.I've been growing out my hair for a long time. I show the barber a medium shaggy length hairstyle with soft highlights.My end result was pretty much a level 5 buzzed across the sides with a bit longer on top. All my curls buzzed off. He insisted that he was leaving it "so long" on top but it's pretty much how I wanted my sides to be.The color is an atrocity. I made extra sure I communicated my request and put a lot of trust in the barber that the color was right for me. Being it was my first time ever getting color services. He was very adamant on contrast, even though I communicated my intent for very faint highlights covering 20%. End result is incredibly orange and not natural with a coverage of around 40%This is the worst $200 cut I've ever experienced. And I'll need to spend another $100 to fix my color from a color expert. Not only was this expensive but it'll take me half a year to try and grow back to what I originally asked for.I'm tired of trying to support this place after frequent misses. I've been here for 2 years, I've sent 3 paying referrals because it's right beside my home and I wanted to support local to me. Unfortunately they did one of my referrals poorly and cut his hair really short too.I've deleted a review where I talked about how they cut my hair crazy short and left my hair wet and dripping and led me to the front for payment. I deleted this review because I desperately wanted to give Hollywood more chances. But I'm done believing in this place. The barbers ask a lot of questions but they don't seem to really listen and cut hair in cookie cutter styles that aren't suitable for everyone.
Md Azim UddinMd Azim Uddin
09:51 30 Dec 22
Mr. Ali did my haircut and it was exactly how I wanted it to be. He’s very friendly and is an amazing person to have a conversation with while cutting your hair. Moreover, he takes extra care and makes sure everything is done properly. Would recommend this barbershop and especially Mr. Ali
Suzanne JennaSuzanne Jenna
03:01 26 Nov 22
This is the 3rd time over 6 months we have been to this shop for my sons cut. We have been to a different barber each time and it has been what I asked for from each one. Great work across the board! Shop is impeccably clean as are all the staff. Definitely would recommend and will bring my son back!